ideals of beauty over time (make up natural vs not now) ideals of beauty in different cultures clothing styles changing over time hair over time (race, gender) music changes over time (representations of women in music/ who does the singing) competition between women as “natural” make up trends–the “power of makeup” videos women who wear… Continue reading P3 TOPICS


PROMPT 1 social issue: pop culture every day: first day–defining in class watched VMAs did consumption journals watched Amy Shumer as examples come up with and share own examples of PC talk time (about pop culture)   PROMPT 2 term definition project in groups shared definitions with the class every time katie makes you talk… Continue reading MIDTERM EXAMPLES

Defining Pop Culture 8.25

“Pop” “popular”: brings people together something popular that a mass group can identify with genre: music, current, fun, upbeat popular, upbeat, happy; entertainment   “Culture” dominant aesthetic of a geographical area traditions that a group of people have within a region customs/traditions that people live by traditions/customs a group of people follow   “Pop Culture”… Continue reading Defining Pop Culture 8.25